Shri Ram Jethmalani

(born on 23 September, 1923)

He is a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Senior Advocate (Supreme Court of India) and an eminent professor of law. He has also served as India's Union Law Minister and as Chairman of Bar Council of India. As a lawyer, this legendary person has been part of some of the most complicated & challenging cases that have shaped the Indian Legal history.

He is arguably the best and highest paid criminal lawyer in the country, who completed his law degree at a mere age of 17. He started practising law at the early age of 18 in Karachi until the partition of India which earned him the coveted title of ‘Youngest Lawyer’ of the country. An interesting fact in regard is that a special resolution was passed at that time to change the minimum age required for becoming a lawyer from 21 to 18.

Phenomenal & unmatched lawyer by profession and jewel by heart as a person who claims to argue 90% of the cases free of cost, has another aspect to his personality which shows his inclination towards the helping & supporting the noble causes. He never hesitates in extending the support for initiatives like the one taken up by the Team of NLU Entrance and likeminded people.

In all, he is truly an inspiring soul who holds an unprecedented legacy behind himself, and will remain a continuous source of inspiration and motivation for the and aspiring generations to come.