National Law Universities (NLUs) which are epitome of excellence provide a wonderful platform not only for academic instincts of a student but facilitate and create a competing environment to excel in Co-curricular & extra-curricular activities too. Magnificent Infrastructure and a free & frolic campus life at NLUs allows students to live their hopes, fears and aspirations to the fullest, which ultimately grooms them to become an independent, skilful and confident layer at the end of five years.


Academics is the most important facet of NLUs which is at par with International standards because of the combination of interdisciplinary approach of teaching and smart &bright students. Interactive classroom lectures with often live, candid and emotionally charged discussions and debates makes a student fall in love with the particular subject. Another interesting thing about academic life here is that it is not limited to only written exams but also requires to make research projects based on your interest, viva and presentation. In all, NLUs aspires to provide a holistic academic experience to students.


Alongwith rigorous and strict academic curriculum, NLUs have an all-time alive and energetic ambience. Over the years, student bodies have organized themselves with the help of full Institutional support and have been successful in building up a lively culture at NLUs by organizing activites like mooting, debating, conferences, symposiums etc. in which a student take lot of fun while developing her/his practical skills and confidence.

  • Mooting -It comes first in our list as it will be the most exciting thing you will experience in your law school which if done successfully will gain you name & fame not only in closed walls of your own University but in the wide legal community. Mooting involves two teams (each team comprises of three members – 2 speakers & 1 researcher) who argue from opposite sides on a pre-assigned fictitious case/problem before a judge. Through mooting, you will get the ample opportunity to develop the understanding of law, art of drafting, soft skills of argumentation and court room mannerisms. It is perhaps the closest experience one can have of appearing in the actual court. Also, if you’re a good Mooter, you will get the chance to roam around the globe to represent your University in world’s largest competitions like Jessup Moot Court Competition (Washington D.C.), Vis Vienna, Vis Hong Kong, ICCmoot (The Hague) etc., and that too on the University’s expenditure.
  • Parliamentary Debate -Debating is another interesting activity that you do at NLUs. It involves any random topic, not necessarily relating to the legal field, being given to teams who then have less than half-an-hour to prepare their arguments for & against. This activity reflects one’s intellect &creativity of mind and proves one of the best way to hone public speaking. Lots of opportunities are available throughout the year and the best part about debating is that you earn very handsomely by participating in the competitions held around at national or international levels. National Law School Debate (NLS Debate), British Parliamentary Debating Championship (NALSAR, Hyderabad), Ghanshyam Singh Memorial Debate (NLU Delhi) etc. are few competitions to name organized by NLUs.NLUites are known for their performances at other International and national competitions like Oxford-Cambridge Debates, Mukherjee Memorial at Stephens, Premchand at Hindu etc.
  • ADRs -Alternative Dispute Resolution system is relatively a new method to resolve the legal disputes between parties. Therefore, in order to promote this real life career opportunity and to familiarize the students with wide array of dispute resolution mechanisms, ADR competitions are organized which involves competitions based on Mediation, Negotiation and Client-counselling. ICC Paris, Warsaw Negotiation Rounds, CDRC – Vienna, Louise M Brown, INADR Chicago, NLS Mediation Competition etc. are some of the competitions in which students from NLUs represent their talent and skills.
  • MUNs -Model United Nations, which are also known as Mock UN or Model UN is another kind of educational and/or academic competition which provide a platform to students to learn soft skills about diplomacy, diplomatic mannerism, international relations, and the United Nations. In addition to developing critical thinking, teamwork & leadership capabilities, MUN helps in improving public speaking, debating, and researching &writing skills, which are important qualities for a lawyer.
  • Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums etc. -Complexity is an inherent aspect of black-letter law which keeps evolving with the time. A lot of law students write articles and research papers on the issues of law in order to explain, interpret or to solve the problems in grey areas, with the help of extensive research and critical analysis. Seminars, conferences, and symposiums proves to be the best platform for students to present and communicate their ideas & research before a body of academic scholars.These publications prove to be the most effective way to put more weightage on one’s resume and increases the prospects of selection for an LLM in universities like Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge etc.


NLUs are not all about reading black letter law day & night, non-academic events ranging from Intra & Inter college sports fest, cultural fests and other competing events of all colour & tastes are organized where students from IITs, IIMs & other disciplines flock in your University to participate. All festivals & carnivals are celebrated with same fun & excitement by faculty and students together to give you a feel of home, no matter from which part of the globe you belong. In all, no opportunity of exploring fun and doing parties are missed at these places.

  • Sports -After the day long classes, you can spend your evenings by playing sports of your choice with your friends and seniors, sometimes faculty also. Where it is well known that NLUs have world-class classrooms and libraries for academics, some NLUs have amazing sports complexes and gym facilities. Some NLUs every year invests heavilyin organizing one of the biggest Sports fest in the country, INVICTA hosted by NUJS, Kolkata is one of them to name.
  • Literary &Cultural Activities -Inter-college fests like, Strawberry Fields (NLSIU), Summons (NALSAR), Kairos (NLUD), Invicta (NUJS) are few to name which are organized at very large scale every year, and hosts plethora of interesting activities like quizzes, mock-trials, dance, music, painting competitions etc. which is culminated by the performance of top bands or musicians in the Pro-nights. Enjoy your life young folks!!!


Practical training and/or internship is/are yet another important facet of a law student’s life at Law school which you are supposed to do to come face to face with realities of the profession in practice. Since, NLUs offer professional courses, you are required to complete atleast the minimum compulsory internship which may vary and extend to diverse places like NGOs, law libraries, Government departments, Banks, Corporate houses, MNCs, International firms & organizations, and not to mention Lawyers’ chambers, different Courts, tribunals and law firms.